A New Approach

What if nature and science worked together? How could your life be changed?

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A New Approach

Nutritionals based on science. This is the philosophy that Dr. Gustavo Bounous has held all his adult life as a medical doctor, researcher, and creator of Immunocal®. While his peers were focused on the great benefits many pharmaceutical drugs had on the ill, Dr. Bounous was not convinced that that is the best way. He believed with all his heart that nature holds many secrets for optimal health. Secrets that are hidden and waiting to be discovered by anyone willing to put in the time and effort necessary to uncover them.

From the very beginning, Immunotec has been in a class of its own. With a flagship product that has been awarded many "method of use" patents, is listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference, and is sold as a pharmaceutical product in 26 countries around the world.

And while many companies start with a few good people with a business idea looking for a product, Immunotec started out as a product looking for a good business that would put in into the hands of millions who could benefit from it.

Since the company's founding, the leaders of Immunotec have continued to study the latest in scientific literature with a keen eye looking for secrets nature has kept hidden... until now.

Rest assured knowing that when you use a product from Immunotec, you have a network of world-renowned researchers that have painstakingly worked around the clock to bring you the very best in functional foods and nutritional supplements.

Welcome to our world and welcome to a new approach to health and science.

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